Interactive voice response

with Southwest broadcast strategies

Southwest Broadcast Strategies was founded to serve New Mexico and the Southwest with communications technology that is more affordable while at the same time expanding beyond the traditional offerings of automated calling, text messaging & interactive voice response capabilities. 

We have worked to create a unified communications platform capable of delivering & receiving messages via XMPP (GChat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype), TDM (Traditional voice dialing), VoIP, Fax, SMS and Facebook + Google Plus (with Twitter up next!). 


  • Automated and Live Operator Outreach
  • Interactive Conferencing
  • Virtual Call Center & Predictive Dialer
  • Tele-Town Hall
  • Text Messaging
  • Mobile Content Delivery & Advertising

Share the News

We can help your constituents hear from you with recorded messages delivered right to their phones. From reminders about upcoming events and elections to updates about how new laws affect them, auto calls are an easy and affordable way for you to reach out directly to your constituents. 

Real Voices Make a Difference

There’s a world of difference between real singers and auto tune. Same goes for telephone conversations. Our expertly trained representatives are standing by to deliver your unique message and gather specific details necessary for your organization.  We can share scripted messages for event reminders, campaign updates and sharing breaking news.  Having live representatives provides a personal touch when engaging your audience. 

Put your finger on the pulse of your constituents.  

If you have a question, the easiest way to get an answer is to ask it. Our representatives are skilled in live telephone surveys and are happy to put survey takers at ease while collecting the data you need. We will assist you in targeting your audience, messaging and developing strong questions to ensure you receive an accurate picture of what your constituents want and need.  

If you’re reaching an audience with foreign language needs, we can help. Our representatives can communicate in multiple foreign languages, including Spanish (multiple regions and ethnicities), French and Mandarin. 

Train. Test. Evaluate. Re-Test. 

We have worked closely with our call centers for years and have developed proven methods for training representatives, testing methodology, evaluating results and re-testing new approaches. 

Each and every program is unique and we participate in the training of representatives, monitor each representative dialing a project and work with supervisors to address concerns in real-time – no matter the time of day or day of week.

Gather. Connect. Share. 

With our technology you can reach universes of up to 500,000 people and bring together over 40,000 people during a live telephone event. We’ll stream the event live online so even those without a phone can listen and ask questions. Just like at an in-person forum, your listeners can raise their hands and ask questions to further the conversation.  Engage your listener during the call and gather data with interactive polling questions. 
Our technology allows you to see data in real-time so you can gauge attendee participation, interest and results.  Plus, our team stands ready prior to your event and throughout to assist with all your training, messaging, question and technology needs. 

Virtual Call Center

Empower your volunteers and staff with our predictive dialer. Our optimized dialers enable your agents to stay constantly connected to your targets with virtually zero downtime.